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ACDC fan circuit card PCBA for Pakistan market

Pakistan is suffered from insufficient of electricity. The electricity in Pakistan often have sags and swells, which means the voltage is either too high or too low than the desired 230 Volts that should be supplied at all times. Apart from affecting the performance of fans, these sags and swells may also damage the appliance, sometimes beyond repair. People know the feeling of sitting through a hot summer afternoon without electricity. This is often accompanied by a dysfunctional Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which further deteriorates the situation.

Engineer team from Tecote Company limited considered this situation fully, and make featured design for Pakistan market. Our model TC-PW006 is developed specially for Pakistan market with below main features:

1,It is a universal model with dual mode operation: input can be AC as well as DC with automatic switching when any one of the two is unpredictably interrupted ;

2,Wide AC input voltage: AC100-290V,without air delivery performance difference between AC100V and AC290V;

3,Wide DC working voltage: Min. DC5-Max.28V, can be power supplied by both battery or directly solar panel.

4,Durable quality with warranty of 2 years while market normally offer only 1 years warranty.

As soon as this model comes on market, it meets with great demand from main Pakistan fan manufacturers.


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